Need more information about BioPods? Get answers to your questions about why BioPods are different, how they work, how to choose the right model, and the results you can expect.

About BioPods

What exactly is a Stimsole™?

Stimsoles offer a new direction in the treatment of foot-related pathologies that challenges traditional and conventional approaches. BioPods™ Stimsoles™ go well beyond insoles and orthotics currently on the market by optimizing your innate body intelligence: the natural protective reflexes that keep our bodies safe.

How do BioPods work?

The Pods in each pair of BioPods features a special design that makes it possible to create multiple and varied stimulation points across the surface of the Pod. As your body shifts over the arches of your feet, the springy Pods stimulate—rather than support—your arches. As you use your BioPods, Pods retain their volume and springiness, while the body of the Stimsoles compact slightly around them, causing a gentle increase in stimulus intensity. Over time, this regular, variable stimulus helps reflexes in your feet, legs, hips, and back adapt to healthier function.

What material is used to make a Pod?

The Pods in BioPods are made from our proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials, which are extremely springy and durable.

What does BioPods Variable Reflex Technology™ do?

The regular, variable stimulus that is delivered by the Pod is made possible by our proprietary Variable Reflex Technology.™

What makes BioPods different from conventional insoles?

Traditional insoles and orthotics simply cushion and support your feet—treating the symptoms, not the cause of pain. More than that, they often create a dependence on that artificial support. BioPods provide the right kind of stimulus to actually change your reflexes and retrain your body mechanics until they adapt to healthy functioning.

Choosing the BioPods For You

Which BioPods model is right for me?

There’s a BioPods model that’s ideal for any lifestyle. Each BioPods model provides a different stimulus intensity to match the activity or sport for which you’ll use it. Choose All Purpose BioPods for everyday use, especially if you need to stand for long periods and/or wear tight-fitting shoes. Performance BioPods are great if you wear loose-fitting shoes and you’re on your feet or walk a lot during the day (or if you’re a weekend warrior). Performance Plus BioPods are great for serious amateur athletes or for people are on their feet or walk long distances every day.

What size BioPods should I buy?

For the best fit, you should purchase the BioPods size that matches your shoe size. For more information about sizes, visit the product page for the BioPods model you choose.

Does my lifestyle make a difference?

Even though the BioPods design was based on principles used by sports medicine, you’re sure to find a BioPods model that’s ideal for the way you live.

Results You Can Expect

How long does it take for BioPods to work?

The good news is that virtually everyone can regain healthy protective reflex function, often much more quickly than you’d expect. BioPods work like an exercise program in your shoes, delivering a springy, varied stimulus directly to your arches that revitalizes protective reflex function throughout your feet, legs hips, and back, which continually adapt over time and become more optimally aligned, stronger and more flexible.

As with any muscle training, you’ll experience a phase of soft tissue adjustment that may continue for 6-8 weeks, as your protective reflexes retrain to work more efficiently and your musculoskeletal system realigns. During this period, it is normal to experience intermittent twinges or tightness in some areas and, if there is any scar tissue or fibrosis, you may experience some soreness. If soreness persists, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

What are some of the conditions that can be improved by BioPods?

By retraining your protective reflexes, BioPods help your body adapt to healthier function and relieve the painful symptoms of many conditions—from Achilles tendonitis to shin splints. For details about the many conditions that can be improved by BioPods, visit the Where Does It Hurt? section of the BioPods website.

The Science Of BioPods

What causes most foot-related problems?

Nearly all conventional footwear actually interferes with healthy natural foot function to some degree—especially shoes that hamper your ability to raise your toes or shoes that are designed to provide extra support and cushioning. Over time, your feet don’t adjust in a healthy way to these conditions. This maladaptation is the cause of most foot-related problems.

Why does extra support and cushioning cause problems?

Most of us have been led to believe that our feet should be supported and cushioned to prevent problems. In reality, long periods of artificial support and lack of stimulation actually cause maladaptation, reduce strength and flexibility, increase stiffness and pain, and lead to dependence on that extra support and cushioning.

BioPods are not designed to provide artificial support, cushion, and control. Instead, they are designed to be used in shoes that are loosely laced to allow room for your feet to flex adequately. The variable stimulus that you experience under your arches continually engage and optimize your body’s protective reflexes in your feet, legs, hips, and back when you’re walking, running, or during any other weight-bearing movement.

How do our protective reflexes help prevent stress and strain on our feet, legs, and hips?

Proprioception is our ability to sense stimuli inside our body that help our awareness of our body’s position in our environment. Our protective reflexes—the unconscious activations of our neuromuscular system that are triggered by stimuli that are perceived as threats to our bodies—involve proprioception. They play an important role any time we walk, run or engage in any strenuous activity. When a foot is on the ground, these reflexes use sensory information about the terrain to trigger “protective” muscle activations through the other foot, leg and hip in anticipation of the contact of the other foot with the ground. This is repeated, step after step.

BioPods are designed to encourage healthy protective reflex function and work in harmony with the natural dynamic movement of the feet. With the regular, variable stimulus they provide, they challenge our body’s natural protective reflex mechanisms and causes them to adapt toward healthier function. Even though the stimulus is under the soles of your feet, it affects and improves proprioceptive and reflex function up through your feet, legs, hips, and back.