BioPods for Healthcare

BioPods provide healthcare professionals with a ground-breaking solution for treating foot-related pathologies. We’re challenging traditional approaches, moving the focus from treating symptoms to providing solutions that can actually rehabilitate the body’s neuromuscular mechanics.

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BioPods work naturally to optimize innate body intelligence.

More than a product that treats symptoms, BioPods are a complete solution grounded in the principle that, in the human body, healthy neuromuscular function is a natural occurrence. Throughout our lives, our innate body intelligence works to maintain and facilitate that healthy function. The soles of our feet play an important role, serving as a critical pathway by sending stimuli to the brain to activate reflex muscle activity in the foot and entire kinetic chain.

During any activity, these muscle activations enable the body to align and stabilize the foot, legs, hips, and lower back. When that healthy function is disrupted by insoles or footwear that artificially support, cushion, or restrict natural movement, the neuromuscular and skeletal function throughout the feet, legs, hips, and back maladapt, causing pain and other problems.

Cushioned insoles, supportive orthotics, and other conventional products simply treat the symptoms and may even exacerbate the problem. By providing the right kind of stimulus to the sole of the foot, BioPods address the cause of maladaptive neuromuscular function and provide therapeutic solutions that rehabilitate and optimize the neuromuscular mechanics of the lower limbs, hips, and lower back.

Coming Soon —An Online Course For Chiropractors!

 The Critical Connection: Optimize Innate Body Intelligence

A new paradigm for foot-related pathologies

As your professional partner, BioPods is committed to providing you with information and  resources to help you improve patient outcomes. Our first online course will provide an in-depth presentation of the scientific principles on which BioPods technologies were developed and the new BioPods gait-related paradigm.

Coverage will include: the underlying science for BioPods technology, methodologies, clinical applications, diagnostic benefits, and footwear design ramifications. This first course, which will be available in late summer 2018, will include a video presentation by expert practitioners, downloadable slides and coursebook, and a scientific monograph.

When you complete the course, you’ll receive:

  • 11 pairs of BioPods (10 pairs for your patients and one for your personal use)
  • 100 patient brochures with a display holder for your clinic
  • Wall poster
  • Certificate identifying you as an accredited BioPods Protocol Practitioner
  • Patient referrals from the “Practitioner Near You” search tool at the BioPods website
  • Free shipping on all orders of $100 or more

Think about it: Simply sell the 10 BioPods at the retail price and your revenue could cover the cost of the course.

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See what colleagues and patients are saying.

“In my opinion, BioPods offer the closest to a perfect rehabilitative foot stimulus that I have ever experienced.”
—Bruce Comstock, DC, and weight training safety author, The F.I.T.S. Way

“As a yoga instructor and acupuncturist focused on sports injuries and pain conditions, I have long been suspect about overly supportive running shoes and orthotics…It doesn’t make sense to dull the senses and ignore the innate intelligence of the body… These insoles are a great way to allow the foot to move in the way nature intended, while still protecting the feet. I have been walking and working with them in my shoes for about a month and the foot/leg fatigue I typically experience after a long day has decreased significantly. Thank you for creating such an intelligent product!”
—J. Bricker

“Within a day, I could feel the difference in my feet and lower legs. Within weeks, I could feel the improved function in my knees and hips. I will never go back to another insole.”—Christopher J. Longo, PhD, professor, Toronto

“Not only were the BioPods insoles an important part of my injury resolution, as I resumed full capacity on the soccer field, my coach commented on my notably improved quickness and agility.”
—Ethan Brown, elite amateur soccer player