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BioPods StimsolesTM feature reflex Pods that provide the variable stimulus required for healthy foot and body function. The Pods’ durable proprietary material and design enable them to retain their volume and springiness, while the insole body compacts slightly around them. As you wear them, you’ll experience a gentle increase in stimulus intensity, while your feet, legs, hips, and back return to healthy function.

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Do your feet
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Each BioPods StimsolesTM model is designed to provide a specific level of stimulus intensity to match your foot type, lifestyle, and activities.

BioPods Stimsoles are available in three models.

All Purpose Insole

VRT 100

All Purpose


Pod provides a low-level stimulus.

Make walking or standing or other everyday activities more comfortable.

Choose this model if you’re wearing stiff, tight-fitting, restrictive footwear and/or shoes without removable insoles.

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Performance Insole

VRT 200



Pod provides a moderate stimulus.

Work like an exercise program in your shoes for hiking or other moderately intense activities.

Choose this model if you’re wearing more flexible, loosely laced footwear.

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Performance Plus Insoles

VRT 300

Performance Plus


Pod provides the most intense stimulus.

Take athletic or high-intensity activities like running to a new level.

Choose this model if you’re wearing unrestricted loosely laced footwear and engage  in high-intensity running and athletic activities.

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