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Slip into a pair of the most comfortable shoe insoles that will take your performance to the next level, without jeopardizing your comfort and safety. BioPods Performance Plus Insoles feature Variable Reflex Technology (VRT 300 Pods) – our most aggressive stimulus level.  The VRT 300 Pods work best for high-intensity running-related activities in flexible, unrestricted, loosely laced footwear.

  • Category: Athletic use, Everyday use
  • Activities: Walking, hiking, etc.
  • Foot Type: All arch heights, rigid flat feet
  • Footwear Type: Loosest fitting, least restrictive


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Variable Reflex Activating Pods

BioPods Performance Plus Insoles feature Variable Reflex Technology (VRT 300) Pods. These Pods deliver the most aggressive stimulus level, designed for high-intensity running-related activities when using flexible, loosely laced footwear. The Pods are made from our proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials, which are extremely springy and durable.

As you use the BioPods insoles, the Pods retain their volume and springiness, while the specialized insole body gradually compacts slightly around them. This causes a gentle increase in stimulus intensity that allows the neuromuscular systems throughout your feet, legs, hips, and back to safely and naturally adjust as your protective reflex mechanics are retrained.

During high-intensity running-related activities, BioPods Performance Plus Insoles take your performance to new levels. The revolutionary VRT Pods apply a varied pressure to the center of your foot’s arches, activating your body’s innate protective reflexes, to optimize neuromuscular function throughout your feet and into your legs, hips, and back. This optimized function enhances performance and ensures superior comfort.

BioPods Performance Plus VRT 300 Pods are ideal for all arch heights, especially those that are rigid flat. They should be used in loosely laced, less restrictive footwear to ensure optimal benefits and comfort.

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  1. CA

    5 out of 5

    Great Reduced Leg Pain As a long time wearer of orthotics it is a pleasure to be able to finally throw my 30 year collection of custom inserts into the trash. BioPods have opened my eyes to the thousands of wasted dollars trying to eliminate shin pain using the antiquated inserts. I recently replaced my orthotics with two sets of BioPods. In 3 months time I noticed a decrease in shin discomfort during exercise and a general increase in foot comfort but it wasn't until snowboarding that I was 100% sold on the products. Having always had shin pain my love of snowboarding was tempered by my constant need to stop and rub my shins out. After using the BioPods my wife noted that I was no longer stopping as often on our ski trips. I hadn't even noticed but I was boarding longer and with no pain... it was a revelation. Upon reflection the only change I had made to my footwear was the upgrade to the BioPods insoles months earlier. One pair replaced over $2000 in custom orthotics that were quite obviously not working as advertised.

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