Variable Reflex Activating PodsTM


BioPods feature variable reflex activating pods that target the arch area, making them extremely effective. Pods are made from our proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials, which are extremely springy and durable.

As you use BioPods, the pods retain their volume and springiness while the insole body gradually compacts slightly around them. This causes a gentle increase in stimulus intensity that allows the neuromuscular systems throughout your feet, legs, hip, and back to safely and naturally adjust as your protective reflex mechanics are retrained.

Safely and naturally stimulate your body’s protective reflex mechanisms with BioPods All Purpose Insoles. Designed with pods featuring variable reflex technology, All Purpose Insoles are built to exert a gentle upward pressure in the center of your foot’s arch to create and maintain optimal neuromusculoskeletal function that increases comfort and performance throughout your back, feet, legs, and hips.

All Purpose Insoles provide a tighter and more restrictive fit, allowing the right amount of pressure to be applied to make participating in everyday activities, such as walking or standing for prolonged periods, enjoyable and comfortable. Simply choose your size and slip them into your footwear to turn any type of shoe into a supportive device for your lower body.