A very satisfied customer, my foot pain is gone!

How changing from custom orthotics to Biopods made my feet feel better than ever.

A very satisfied customer, my foot pain is gone!

I tried orthotics, and they didn’t solve my problems.

Recently while on vacation with my wife, after a series of long walks, my feet started to really hurt. I have flat feet but rarely experienced this much pain. When I got back home, the pain didn't go away, and one of my feet was so tender I was beginning to limp. 

I went out and bought some over-the-counter orthotics that cushioned my feet, but they didn't solve the problem. Eventually, my feet hurt so much I went to a podiatrist. The exam and x-rays cost over $1,000. Fortunately, Medicare covered much of it; however, it still cost me a few hundred bucks. But I figured it was worth it if my feet were ever to feel good again. I was ultimately presented with my first ever, custom-made, orthotic shoe inserts; a pair of foam cushion inserts – much like the over counter ones – however, these were mounted on top of personalized, molded plastic heels and arches. After adjusting to them for a few weeks, my feet felt better. Unfortunately, as the months passed, some of the original discomforts started to come back. 

My friend recommended that I try Biopods.

I casually mentioned my foot history to a friend who told me that recently, he stumbled upon Biopods, and they completely changed his life; in addition to curing his foot pain, they even made his back problems go away as well. My friend explained the mechanics behind Biopods and that basically they undo all the bad things that shoes have done to your feet over the years; that shoes are constructed to give your feet support and make them comfortable, but that in doing so, your feet aren't allowed or encouraged to do any work, so they don't operate like feet are supposed to. And that Biopods are scientifically designed to get your feet working like feet again. My friend was so positive about his experience with Biopods that he insisted on buying me a pair as a gift. He assured me that if they didn't work, the company has a money-back guarantee, so he wouldn't be out a penny. 

Biopods transformed by feet, and the pain was gone.

Well, I tried them out, and they were totally amazing from the very first day. The inserts made my feet feel like they were simultaneously released from prison and getting a gentle foot massage. I began wearing the Biopods religiously, transferring them from one pair of comfortable shoes to another. I got so used to wearing them and how good they made my feet feel that, when I walked around the house in my Ugg bedroom slippers, which were the most comfortable shoes I owned, I missed the Biopods. I eventually transferred them into my Uggs as well. Well, here I am, two months later, and my feet never felt better. And, here's the crazy part, my back feels better, too. Apparently, it's all connected. So, to make a long story just a bit longer, while my friend paid for my Biopods, I didn't quite get them for free. I was so grateful, I bought him and his wife dinner, and afterward, we all went for a nice, long, pain-free walk.

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