The Science

The critical foot-brain connection.

Grounded in Science — Proven in Practice

Recent research has changed the way foot and leg function is viewed.

Retraining healthy function is the modern approach to addressing problems that arise from poor body mechanics.

Recent advancements in neurology have provided a clearer scientific understanding of what constitutes healthy gait and have shed new light on why foot-related problems develop. Retraining healthy function is not only the best means of addressing and preventing these problems, but it also increases performance capabilities while reducing the risk of injury.

The Critical Foot-Brain Connection

Understanding healthy function.

Recent scientific advancements emphasize that the quality of sensory information transmitted from the soles of the feet to the brain is vital for healthy function in our feet, legs, hips, and back.

This healthy function occurs naturally in those who regularly walk or run barefoot on natural terrain. With each step, the soles of their feet receive a subtly different sensory experience during ground contact. In response, the brain initiates protective muscle activations prior to, and in anticipation of, each new step’s “unknown” ground contact.

These protective reflexes are nature’s way of keeping the body safe from harm. They are responsible for optimal alignment and efficient muscle use. This includes the dynamic rising of the toes and arches that is critical to the stabilization of the foot and ankle.

Why foot-related problems develop.

Footwear, supportive orthotics, and cushioning insoles inhibit healthy function in two ways:

1. Stimulus to the soles of the feet is muted and unchanging step after step. Therefore, the brain does not receive sufficient information to initiate healthy protective reflex activations in the feet and legs.

2. Footwear with stiff soles, shallow toe boxes, or restrictive arch areas prevent the dynamic rising of the toes and arches that is critical to the stabilization of the foot and ankle.

Over time, they train the poor alignment and inefficient muscle function that is the underlying cause of the majority of foot and leg problems and pain.

Biopods® stimulate healthy function.

Biopods® Stimsoles® technologies offers the only solution that provides the subtle, varied stimulus to the soles of the feet that the brain requires for healthy lower limb function.

Biopods® innovative footwear and insole designs transform footwear into a Proper Technique exercise program. With each step, Biopods® help retrain and maintain healthy protective reflex function throughout the feet, legs, hips, and back. This improved function effectively eliminates the underlying cause of most for foot-related problems and pain.

Biopods® footwear and insoles are safe, comfortable, and easy to use. 

Use Biopods® consistently for best results. 

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