Biopods, the ultimate "in-shoe" barefoot experience.

Forty years of research has taught us that feet are remarkably adaptable.

What happens when the feet are off the ground determines what happens when the feet are on the ground.

This knowledge is incorporated into our transformative state-of the-art footwear designs.

Grounded in science, proven in practice.

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We design our shoes to fit your feet, not to force your feet to fit our shoes.

Patented state-of-the-art technologies

1. Four-way stretch knit permits optimal dynamic arch and toe movement.

2. Non-stretch heel for stability.

3. Stimsoles® Insole Pods provide gentle varied stimulus to the arches.

4. Neuro-stimulus midsoles transmit the "ground" to the soles of the feet.

5. Outsoles made from soft and extremely durable EVA, conform with the terrain to provide a large contact patch for enhanced traction.

6. Stimulus adjustor disks customize stimulus to the arches.

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The healthiest footwear possible, without compromise.

In harmony with natural dynamic foot movement.

Designed to optimize the critical foot-brain connection.

Revolutionary fit and function for optimal comfort and performance.

Works like like a Proper Technique exercise program.

Stimulates healthy function through all phases of gait, rather than cushion, snugly brace, or support the feet.

Relaxed fit that moves in harmony with your natural foot movement.

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Features and Benefits

Flexibility and natural movement.

Our feet naturally flex when walking, running, and standing as they safely and efficiently manage forces and adapt to terrain.

Extremely flexible outsoles and uppers mirror this natural movement, allowing the feet to do their job without impediment.

Zero Drop outsoles = natural gait.

Patented Zero Drop midsole/outsole design mimics natural barefoot gait. You "feel" the ground with each step.

When barefoot, the soles of your feet naturally adapt and conform with the ground.

Soft thin outsoles conform with the terrain, compressing slightly at varying localized areas in response to changing weight distribution.

This transmits the varied ground forces through the midsole neuro-stimulus pins to the soles of the feet.

Breathability and natural movement.

Breathable 4-way stretch knitted uppers allow your feet to move and flex naturally without restriction.

Net benefits are optimal function and comfort.

Light weight with exceptional durability.

A pair of Biopods sneakers weigh just over 1 lb (0.5 kg) on average.

All purpose sneakers take a beating and still look good.

Healthy fit and custom sizing.

Roomy toe box allows natural toe movement.

Regular Sizing: Children's sizes 3 to 5, Women's sizes 4 to 12.5, and Men's sizes 6 to 16.

Custom Sizing: For those with difficult to fit feet, there are 15 width and volume options for each foot/shoe length.

Optional stimulus adjustment.

Interchangeable Velcro® backed "Adjustment Discs" are included with each pair of shoes to provide two additional levels of arch stimulus.

Customize the stimulus level for your specific needs and optimal comfort.

 Eco-friendly materials.

Four-way stretch knitted Uppers contain Ynviron® yarns, which are made from recycled plastic bottles.

On average, each pair of sneakers contains materials made from eight recycled plastic bottles.

Do good + feel good = world changer!

Water repellent and stain resistant.

Treated with Fluorine-Free NeverWet® DWR that repels water and resists staining

Easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth or put in the washing machine (cold water and gentle cycle) and air dry.

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Designed for healthy lifestyles.

For all walks of life. For all activities. For all ages.

Biopods products are founded on the modern therapeutic principles that are universally used to rehabilitate every other part of the body.

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals


I’ve reviewed the science underlying Biopods and found the product reflects the fundamental laws of biomechanical physiology and applies that in an elegant accessible way.


I’ve been in practice for 10 years in Los Angeles. I have started to move away from prescribing orthotics because of my recent experience with Biopods products.


In my 35 years of practice, for even the most chronic patients, there is nothing that has made a more significant difference or stabilized my patients than Biopods.


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