After 40 years of footcare experience and years of research, our team of athletes and healthcare professionals gained a new scientific understanding of optimal foot function that is based on modern sports training principles.

This new understanding is incorporated into our transformative footwear designs.

Customized for a perfect fit

Feet are like faces in that there are very few identical twins. Similarly, it is nearly impossible for standardized conventional footwear to fit everyone's feet perfectly. There is inevitably some degree of compromise between fit and function.

Biopods® footwear design philosophy is founded on the principle that your feet and your shoes should work together in harmony. This can only be achieved when more than just a generic shoe size is used to match each person's foot to their best fitting shoe.

Our Customization Fit System ensures that everyone can find a perfectly fitting and functioning shoe that actually promotes and maintains healthy foot function. The customization process provides fifteen width and foot volume options for every foot length!

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Get back to enjoying the things you love

Designed for active people and those who want to be.

We focus on making the healthiest footwear possible, without compromise. Our patent-pending Stimsoles® outsole design is universally applicable to a wide range of activities.

Revolutionary fit for optimal comfort

Biopods® footwear is designed to provide a dynamic Proper Technique exercise environment. Rather than snugly bracing and supporting the feet, Biopods® sneakers fit more loosely, imposing little to no restriction to move in harmony with your natural foot movement. This creates a healthy foundation for optimal comfort and balanced function. 

Biopods® Transformative Design

Patented and patent-pending footwear technologies that are transforming footwear design and function.

We design our shoes to fit your feet, not to force your feet to fit our shoes.

Stimulates healthy function

Biopods® patented Outsole/Midsole and Upper designs create a Proper Technique exercise environment for your feet by safely providing the critical varied stimulus to the soles of your feet that your brain requires for healthy lower-limb function.

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Customizable stimulus levels

Interchangeable Velcro® backed discs provide three levels of stimulus adjustment under your arches to accommodate your specific needs and provide optimal comfort.

Extremely flexible

Soft flexible Outsoles and four-way stretch Uppers encourage optimal dynamic foot movement for exceptional fit, comfort, and performance.

Neutral heel for a natural gait

Innovative Outsole/Midsole design that features an Outsole heel that is 1 millimeter thicker than the forefoot. with Midsole Stimulus Pins at the same height throughout. The extra 1 mm under the bottom of the midsole pins allows the soft honeycomb treads to compress a bit more at heel strike to provide enhanced initial traction and grip.

 Made with eco-friendly materials

Good for you and the environment. Biopods® sneakers use four-way stretch knitted Uppers. The inner linings are made from Ynviron® yarns, which are produced from recycled plastic bottles. On average, each pair of sneakers contains materials made from eight recycled plastic bottles.

Do good + feel good = world changer!

Water repellent and stain resistant

Treated with Fluorine-Free NeverWet® DWR that repels water and resists staining. Biopods® sneakers keep your feet dry in the rain and dry out quickly after being submerged in water.

Breathable and feather-lite

With an average weight of just over one pound, Biopods® sneakers feel like you're not even wearing shoes. Your muscles no longer have to work harder then they need to. And when you pick up the pace, the breathable Uppers help keep the heat down.  

We’re excited to help people regain and maintain healthy function.

Success stories

Biopods products are founded on the modern therapeutic principles that are universally used to rehabilitate every other part of the body.

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals


I can’t describe the effect that the Biopods Course has had on me. It was a revelation, as it finally answered questions about the foot that I had for forty years!


I’ve been in practice for 10 years in Los Angeles. I have started to move away from prescribing orthotics because of my recent experience with Biopods products.


I’m excited. I’ve been in practice for over 28 years and have not found a technology that is as advanced as Biopods for treating lower extremity and spine related conditions.


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