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We’re challenging traditional approaches, moving the focus from treating symptoms to providing solutions that can actually help rehabilitate the body’s neuromuscular mechanics.

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Three leaders in chiropractic and sports medicine deliver informative video presentations that dispel common footcare myths and provide detailed coverage of essential gait-related concepts. This includes the critical role that the foot-nervous system relationship plays in stabilizing the lower limb kinetic chain during gait.

Coverage includes the neuromuscular dynamics of barefoot and shod gait, the underlying cause of related pathologies, healthy gait dynamics, and the therapeutic, rehabilitative approach to address lower limb pathologies.

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More than a palliative product that treats symptoms, Biopods® footwear and insoles offer a therapeutic solution that is grounded in modern rehabilitative principles. Biopods® naturally promote optimal healthy neuromuscular function throughout the lower limb kinetic chain.

Modern science has identified that the foot-nervous system relationship plays a critical role in neuromuscular function throughout the lower limb kinetic chain. To learn more, click here.

During day-to-day activities, the brain and nervous system are always working to facilitate healthy function and protect the body from harm. When the brain perceives or anticipates a threat, injury, or the “unknown,” it will trigger reflexive protective avoidance or preventative movements.

The nerve endings in the soles of the feet play a critical role in providing the brain with the information required for optimal protective reflex function throughout our feet, legs, hips, and back. Populations that habitually walk barefoot on natural terrain exhibit healthy gait dynamics. During barefoot gait, this protective reflex action occurs before each foot contacts the ground, in anticipation of “unknown” ground contact. As a result, when each foot contacts the ground, that lower limb kinetic chain is optimally aligned and capable of safely and efficiently managing the activity related forces. For more on Protective Reflexes click here.

When conventional footwear is worn, the soles of the feet fail to receive the subtle, varied stimulus required for healthy protective reflex function. As a consequence, the brain receives insufficient information to initiate an effective neuromuscular response, resulting in poor alignment and inefficient function throughout the lower limb kinetic chain. Poor function is further compounded by footwear that restricts or inhibits healthy dynamic foot movement. Over time, poor function becomes the maladaptively conditioned “Norm,” which is the underlying cause of most foot-related pathologies. Ironically, the conventional treatment methods for these pathologies (using additional cushioning and/or support), results in a more significant attenuation of healthy stimulus and in weaker and more inefficient lower limbs that are more predisposed to injury. For more on the Effects of Footwear, click here.

As with any body part, this poor function can be effectively rehabilitated using modern “Proper Technique” therapies. With this approach, the feet, legs, hips, and back become stronger and more stable, thereby eliminating the underlying cause of the vast majority of foot-related pathologies. For more information on Proper Technique, click here.

Biopods® help to safely and naturally retrain and maintain optimal lower limb function by providing the subtle, varied stimulus to the soles of the feet that is required for optimal neuromuscular function. For best results, Biopods® Stimsoles® insoles should be used in soft, flexible, loosely laced footwear that allows healthy dynamic foot movement. For more on Lower Limb Kinetic Chain Mechanics, click here.

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