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Handmade using your Custom Size Code.

Shoe assembly preparation.

The factory begins your shoe assembly process by using your Custom Size Code to select the size of the various parts that go into making your shoes.

Your Size Code determines the shoe's length, width, and interior volume.

Learn more about measuring your feet

Step One: Choosing the right outsole.

We premake three outsole widths for every outsole length: Narrow, Regular, and Wide.

Your foot length measurements, toe-box room, and sock selections factor into which outsole length and width option will work best for you.

The factory prepares the white or black Outsole you've chosen.

Step Two: Upper sizing.

The shoes' knitted upper and inner linings are laser-cut to match your foot size.

There are nine width and volume variations for each foot length.

Step Three: Selecting the Last.

Every shoe is made around a Last, which defines the inner dimensions of the shoe.

We have nine Last sizes for every shoe length. To make your shoes, we use the Last size that most closely matches your foot width and volume.

Step Four: Stitching the Upper.

The Upper's knitted outer layer is stitched to the four-way stretch inner lining.

The Upper's sole is then stitched to the Upper's inner and outer layers, forming a "sock."

Step Five: The Upper is mated with the Last.

The completed Upper is stretched over the Last and the shoe begins to take shape.

A heat activated adhesive is then applied to the bottom of the Upper and Outsole and both are left to dry.

Step Six: Upper and outsole bonding.

The Lasted Upper and Outsole are heated to activate the adhesive.

The parts are hand-fitted together before being placed in a compression chamber to fully bond them.

Step Seven: Finishing and packaging.

The assembled sneakers are cleaned and the laces added (if applicable).

The sneakers are sprayed with the fluorine-free DWR treatment and left to dry for 24 hours.

The process concludes with final inspection and packaging.

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Your Custom Sizing Sneakers are finished within ten business days.

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