Biopods provided new life for my knees!

How Biopods helped a chronic knee problem sufferer.

Biopods provided new life for my knees!

I’ve been wearing Biopods for about two months, and they have helped tremendously.

New life for my knees! I suffer from a knee condition known as Chondromalacia, where the knee cap is not stable and slips in and out of position. This causes pain when walking normally and can be particularly painful when walking down stairs. I've had numerous cortisone and other types of injections, most of which work for a month or two. 

I bought Biopods Insoles in the hope they would help, but I wasn't particularly optimistic. I've now been wearing them for about two months and am more than happy to say they have helped tremendously. Days go by without me even thinking about my knee, and it rarely clicks in and out of its normal position. Some days I am lazy about moving Biopods from one pair of shoes to another and am quickly reminded that the few seconds it takes to do so is worth the effort. As such, I usually wear them throughout the day. 

I would certainly recommend Biopods. They have been an inexpensive way for me to mitigate my problem and might hopefully work the same for others.

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