Grounded in Science — Proven in Practice

Biopods' ground-breaking solutions challenge the traditional approach to treating foot-related problems and pain by shifting the focus from treating symptoms to therapeutically addressing the cause of the problems.

We developed Biopods technologies because of personal need

Everyone on our research and product development team has had a history of foot-related problems and pain. All of us have tried “old school” supportive orthotics and cushioning insoles with minimal success. We wanted more.

Understanding the body

Using our combined knowledge and experience in sports training, we set out to find ways to rehabilitate and retrain healthy foot, leg, hip, and back function. To accomplish this, one of our first tasks was to develop a better understanding of the mechanics of healthy lower limb function.

Extensive research and development

Once we understood the mechanics of healthy function, it took 7 years to develop and test many technologies and product designs. The culmination of our efforts are the Biopods Stimsole and footwear products.

We care about your health and the health of our planet

We do our best to source the most environmentally friendly materials and environmentally responsible factories. We use minimal packaging for our products and all packaging materials are recyclable.

We have all had personal experience with foot-related problems and pain and are passionate about providing solutions rather than treating symptoms.

Meet the Biopods Team

Norm Goldring

Chairman Emeritus

Roy Gardiner


Donovan Bailey

Senior Vice President Investor Relations, Business Development

Steve Horvath

Technology R&D, Product Development and Design

Ben Lefebvre

Digital Marketing Director

Susan Kryl

Marketing Adviser

Fuad Dawabeh

Production Coordinator

We are a dedicated team of medical and sports professionals that have had personal experience with foot related pain. Our goal is to enhance foot health for everyone who wears shoes.

Meet Biopods® Medical Advisors

Scott Bautch, DC

Biopods Medical Adviser

Bruce Comstock, DC

Author, Biopods Medical Adviser

Samuel Dubé, MD, PhD

Sports Training Expert, Biopods Medical Adviser

Steven Hodges, MD, FACEP

Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Biopods Medical Adviser

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