Samuel Dubé, MD, PhD

Sports Training Expert, BioPods Medical Advisor

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Sam is a human potential consultant and educator specializing in athletic strength training and a natural approach to optimum performance, health, and wellness.

A martial arts instructor at age fifteen, personal trainer at sixteen, and master trainer at twenty, Sam has been a coach, mentor, and consultant to provincial, national, and world-class athletes, professional trainers & coaches, and several national organizations for over three decades.

A Carleton University and University of Ottawa alumnus, Sam has a formal education in mathematics, physics, transpersonal psychology and biological sciences, including a doctorate in modern applied mathematics and a medical degree & residency in family & sports medicine. Sam is also a multi-award-winning retired Carleton University faculty member where he excelled at teaching engineering mathematics. He is currently a continuing education provider for primary and allied health care professionals and is also active in the media as a regular bilingual event host, broadcast journalist, and television commentator.

A proficient lifetime un-enhanced (drug-free) unequipped strength athlete (including one-handed deadlifts of over 400 lbs. and push presses of over 300 lbs., at a bodyweight under 165 lbs.), Sam is also considered one of the pioneers of modern strength athletics in North America.

“Super Sam” co-hosted the award-winning Canadian Strength Athletes’ series on The Sports Network during its complete ten year run. He is an MC, sports analyst, and technical advisor to world-class strongman events such as North America’s Strongest Man, World Super Series, Fortissimus Worldwide and, most recently, the Arnold International Sports Festival Strongest Disabled Man and the World’s Strongest Disabled Man & Woman contests.

Sam is a passionate teacher, mentor, and lifelong learner who truly enjoys facilitating the health, wellness, performance, and life goals of others.

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I can’t describe the effect that the Biopods Course has had on me. It was a revelation, as it finally answered questions about the foot that I had for forty years.


I’ve been in practice for 10 years in Los Angeles. I have started to move away from prescribing orthotics because of my recent experience with Biopods.


I’m excited. I’ve been in practice for over 28 years and have not found a technology that is as advanced as Biopods for treating lower extremity and spine related conditions

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