Donovan Bailey

Senior Vice President Investor Relations, Business Development



25+ years as the CEO of Bailey Inc., Founder of The Bailey Foundation uniting the passion for sport, business and leadership. 5x World Champion & Olympic Champion, 2x Sports Hall of Fame inductee Individual/Team, Philanthropists and Sports Analyst/Media Commentator, Entrepreneur & Author.


A seasoned philanthropic globally recognized change maker with success in the boardroom and on the global stage. A master of excellence in all professional realms comfortable leading by example and with purpose. A lifelong learner driven to pay it forward by supporting organizations that are willing to reach new heights while leaving a legacy of prosperity for future generations. A comfortable and engaging public figure who can communicate effectively one-on-one and to large audiences of diverse communities with ease igniting audiences and boards with new insights to reach their full potential.



 Why I’m Involved with Biopods®

Athletes of all types, not just at the professional level, need to learn about and understand this science. I’ve used many types of insoles over my career, and following, to help with injury recovery and prevention, and none have helped long term… most actually make things worse overtime. Traditional insoles are akin to a bandaid, they don’t provide the proper muscle ‘education’ required for long term change, where Biopods does this and more. Biopods additionally employs neuromuscular education, which is critical for an athlete. An athlete, whether competing or training, must generate in a healthy stimulus from propulsion phases in gait to initiate an appropriate reflex response allowing for the lowest degree of muscular effort when competing. This is not only the best way to perform at the top of your game, but also to prevent/rehab injury properly and is critical for long term wholistic health.


120 days

Money Back Guarantee

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Healthcare professionals recommend Biopods because they are founded on modern therapeutic principles that are universally used to rehabilitate every other part of the body.

Recommended by Healthcare Testimonials


I’ve reviewed the science underlying Biopods and found the product reflects the fundamental laws of biomechanical physiology and applies that in an elegant accessible way


I’ve been in practice for 10 years in Los Angeles. I have started to move away from prescribing orthotics because of my recent experience with Biopods.


In my 35 years of practice, for even the most chronic patients, there is nothing that has made a more significant difference or stabilized my patients than Biopods.

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