Biopods eliminated my plantar fasciitis.

After changing from traditional insoles and orthotics to Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles, my chronic foot pain disappeared.

Biopods eliminated my plantar fasciitis.

Biopods are the only inserts that got rid of chronic plantar fasciitis. 

I own a warehouse and am on my feet all day long. Several years ago, I developed chronic plantar fasciitis that was annoyingly painful. I tried every type of cushioning insoles and supportive orthotics without obtaining any relief.   

One of my clients suggested that I try Biopods Stimsole Insoles. Shortly after putting them in my shoes, the pain disappeared, and I've remained pain-free for the past six months. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the comfort that they provide. 

With Biopods, I can wear sandals and shoes without the pain, which I could never do before.

If you haven’t heard of Biopods, you should definitely try a pair, because they work!  

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