Biopods made my diabetic feet feel incredible.

How changing from custom orthotics to Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles eliminated my chronic foot pain.

Biopods made my diabetic feet feel incredible.

Biopods are the only inserts that have helped me in two decades.

Eight years ago, I had a heart attack and diabetes so high it was off the charts. As you can imagine, my feet have been compromised for many years despite trying numerous inserts, taking many molds of my feet, and wearing diabetic shoes. They all seemed to help for a short time, three months tops.

Then my brilliant chiropractor introduced me to Biopods. The Biopods Stimsoles Insoles went in my new diabetic shoes right then and there and replaced the specially molded inserts.

I was amazed with every step. My feet felt literally like walking on air, which I hadn't felt since I was in my 20s (you know, just a few years ago!).  The bonus of these fantastic inserts is how they keep my back aligned. Not only do my feet feel better with no pain, but I have had minimal pain in my back, which is an added BONUS!

Every day I have been wearing my new Biopods, and they have made an incredible difference.  

Biopods are truly an incredible blessing for my feet and my entire body. 

Thank you, Biopods!

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