Biopods helped a man return to running with no pain.

How a 54 year old man got rid of five years of knee pain with Biopods and avoid knee surgery.

Biopods helped a man return to running with no pain.

The therapeutic treatment approach for knee pain (Patella-Femoral Syndrome).

The patient

L.F.; a 54 year old male new patient, complained of experiencing continuous right knee pain over a five year period. The pain had forced him to stop his personal fitness routine, which for “many years” had consisted of running 5 kilometers 3 to 4 times a week. His MD had convinced him that he would ultimately need a knee replacement. 

My initial evaluation found a notable build-up of fibrotic tissue on the inside of the kneecap area. I determined that the fibrotic tissue was caused by poor knee mechanics caused by poor foot mechanics. 

Treatments Methodologies

I used a two-fold approach to address the problem:

  1. I broke down the fibrotic tissue using ultrasound
  2. I provided him with Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles to therapeutically correct the maladapted foot function.


After 12 weeks of weekly therapy and consistent use of Biopods Insoles, he was thrilled to be able to return to running with no pain.

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