Biopods helped my severe club feet.

How Biopods helped improve my gait and posture.

Biopods helped my severe club feet.

When I first heard about Biopods, I knew that I had to try them.

I was born with really bad club feet, which have required seven surgeries or so, on each foot. As result, my posture, gait, and other things related to walking have been affected.

I’ve enjoyed using Biopods Insoles a lot, because when I walk using them, they make me more conscious of my feet and the way they hit the ground. I firmly believe that Biopods have impacted for the better my posture and my awareness of walking.  And frankly they are comfortable. I really like them a lot.

So, if you're thinking about it, give Biopods a shot – because nothing works for everybody, but – they're absolutely worth trying because if they can help me, you are really doing something.

Thank You!!

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