Biopods helped put an end to disabling shin splints.

How a competitive sprinter got rid of shin pain and improved his performance with Biopods.

Biopods helped put an end to disabling shin splints.

The therapeutic treatment approach for disabling shin splints.

The patient

G.B.; a 16 year old male patient and competitive sprinter/hurdler complained of lower leg pain in both legs of such severity that he was unable to run or train. 

My examination confirmed inflamed fibrotic regions in both shins that is consistent with shin splints caused by poor foot mechanics. I also observed that his footwear was far too tight and rigid.

Treatment Methodologies

I employed a two-fold approach to address the issues: 

  1. I employed treatment with therapeutic ultrasound to break down the fibrotic tissue and electrotherapy to reduce the inflammation.
  2. I provided him with Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles to therapeutically correct the poor foot mechanics and advised him to use them all the time in loosely laced, soft, flexible footwear.


After 6 weeks of therapy and consistent Biopods Insoles use, he was not only restored to full run/race capacity, he immediately posted personal "bests” in 2 of his 4 events. After 2 years, no symptoms have returned.

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