Biopods helped put an end to disabling shin splints.

How an elite soccer player got back into the game with Biopods.

Biopods helped put an end to disabling shin splints.

The therapeutic treatment approach for disabling shin splints.

The patient

E.B.; a 15 year old male patient and elite level soccer player complained of pain in both lower legs that was tolerable when walking but “disabling” the moment he tried to run. This made paying soccer impossible. My examination found damaged/fibrotic/inflammation of the soft tissue that was consistent with “shin splints,” caused by poor foot mechanics.

Treatments Methodologies

I employed a three-fold approach to address the issues:

  1. I provided him with Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles to therapeutically correct the poor foot mechanics and advised him to use them at all times in soft, flexible, loosely laced footwear.
  2. I therapeutically broke down the fibrotic tissue using ultrasound.
  3. I used gentle dorsiflexion muscle rehabilitation.


After 6 weeks of therapy and Biopods Insoles use, the pain disappeared and he returned to playing competitive soccer, with his coach commenting on his improved lateral quickness. There has been no recurrence in over 2 years.

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