Biopods helped put an end to Plantar Fasciitis.

How a 52 year old woman returned to exercising with Biopods.

Biopods helped put an end to Plantar Fasciitis.

The therapeutic treatment approach for Plantar Fasciitis.

The patient

P.M.; a 52 year old female, complained of recently experiencing severe pain in both heels after 3 years of intermittent moderate pain. Not only was she upset with the increase in pain severity but the intermittent pain over the last 3 years had limited her activities, which caused her to gain weight.

My initial evaluation found damaged/fibrotic/inflammation of the plantar fascia caused by poor foot mechanics that is consistent with plantar fasciitis.

Treatments Methodologies

I employed a three-fold approach to address the issues: 

  1. I therapeutically broke down the fibrotic tissue using ultrasound.
  2. I provided her with BioPods' Stimsoles Insoles to correct the maladapted foot function.
  3. I prescribed gentle exercises to increase her foot and ankle's range of motion (the raising of her foot through the ankle and the raising of her toes).


After 10 treatments and 8 weeks of consistent use of the Biopods Insoles, her pain disappeared and her exercise capacity was restored. After 5 months, she has not experienced any return of symptoms.

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