Biopods helped put an end to severe IT band pain.

How an long distance runner and coach regained her form with Biopods.

Biopods helped put an end to severe IT band pain.

The therapeutic treatment approach for disabling Illiotibial Band (ITB) Synndrome.

The patient

M.L.; a 58 year old female patient and long distance runner/running coach, complained of developing severe pain in both hips, which became acute after only a “brief jog.” 

My evaluation found damaged/fibrotic/inflammation of the soft tissue and restriction in her outer hip region that is consistent with ITB syndrome due to poor foot and leg mechanics. She had been using Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles in compatible footwear for some time. As Biopods Insoles stimulated her body to realign to healthier function over time, the symptoms arose as a result of undiagnosed “old” tissue damage that had not been previously treated. 

Treatments Methodologies

I employed a three-fold approach to address the issues:

  1. I therapeutically broke down the fibrotic tissue using ultrasound.
  2. I employed manipulation of her feet and sacroiliac joints to increase mobility.
  3. I recommended that she continue using Biopods' Stimsoles Insoles in all of her footwear.


After 4 weeks of therapy and consistent Biopods Insoles use the pain disappeared and she was able to return to her full running capacity.

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