Biopods really work!

How Biopods helped eliminate my hip and leg pain.

Biopods really work!

I wanted to let you know how much I love my Biopods.

Biopods have opened my eyes to the thousands of wasted dollars I spent trying to eliminate shin pain using the antiquated inserts.

Last year this time, I fell and broke my arm in two places, and it needed to be in a cast for three-plus months. At the same time, I started to experience leg, and hip pain that I figured was related to my fall. I had come to think that the pain was to be with me forever :(

In November, I got new hikers to put the Biopods in before I went to the UK to do some training, and I wore only them.

Since I have been using Biopods Insoles, both my hip and leg pain has completely gone away! I noticed when I don't use them, my symptoms start to return. I'm hooked!

Thank You!!

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