My patients and I really like Biopods.

Biopods help me and my patients retrain healthy foot function.

My patients and I really like Biopods.

I’ve been a chiropractor for over 30 years and I have been using Biopods Insoles for quite a while, for both myself and my patients.

I started using inserts in my shoes back as a teenager because I had pretty severe knee pain. I went to a podiatrist who figured out that my flat feet were causing my knee problems. To address the flat feet, the podiatrist prescribed orthotics that he made out of metal with a thin leather top sheet. They were really rigid, really hard, and very uncomfortable. Once a month, I would see the podiatrist who would take the orthotics into the back room and knock the heck out of them. These newly formed orthotics would then be put back into my shoes. Each time he would raise the height of the orthotics in an attempt to build up my arches. The thought being, that since my arches had fallen, the orthotics could build them up – I’m here to tell you that’s not possible!

That experience got me thinking and understanding that symptoms in one place didn't mean that’s where the problem was coming from. As I incorporated this concept into my practice, I began understanding that the feet can cause a lot of problems.

I’ve been prescribing Biopods for a lot of my patients and they have really been happy with them. I have also used other inserts over the years, but Biopods seem to be the easiest insert to use, so I have been recommending them for quite a long time.

When you think about the structure of the feet, are the inserts supporting the feet or are the feet supporting themselves. The concept is akin to using a postural brace to keep shoulders from slumping forward. While using the brace you can sit up straight, but once you remove the brace your shoulders begin to slump again. Obviously, you need to train your muscles to do the work if you want to regain and maintain healthy posture. This same concept applies to the feet. If you don’t train the feet to do the proper work, any insert isn’t going to be more than a temporary thing. And remember, a brace is something that should only be used temporarily, it should not be used on a continual basis.

What we are trying to do with Biopods is to ensure that we are continually training and enhancing healthy foot function. By challenging the feet to do their job, we maintain the arches and natural shock absorption that is needed during walking and our daily lives.

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