Urban Sneakers

$200.00 USD

Urban Sneakers

$200.00 USD
120-Day 100% money back guarantee.
Ideal for recreational, athletic, and leisure activities.


The Standard Sizing option is most suitable for those who have little trouble finding shoes that fit off the shelf and whose feet are relatively the same size. Our Standard Sizing Widths are: B for Women; and D for Men and Children.

To Order using the Standard Sizing option, 1) select your preferred shoe color (above), 2) select who the shoes are for and enter (type) their name, and 3) select the size.

Step 2: Who are the shoes for?

These shoes are for:

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jean M. (Belleville, CA)
Integrity Plus

I have never owned a pair of sneakers that fit so well and feel so good. It's like walking on sunshine even when the sun is not out. Nor, have I met a company with the integrity and desire to make the customer one hundred percent satisfied with the fit and comfort of the product. I am pleased to be part of the Biopods' Community and highly recommend their products.

gerardo gesualdo (Scarborough, CA)

wrong size wrong colour. still waiting for replacement

Anderson Kong (Markham, CA)
Excellent Shoes

I was introduced to Biopods inserts by my chiropractor a few years ago. They have been amazing. I have had flat feet since I was small. The inserts miraculously helped me build a little bit of arche and my toe alignment has improved. A month ago, I realize that now shoes are also available. I ordered a pair of custom Biopods shoes. I feel they work even better than the inserts. I strongly recommend them.

Jason C (Mulmur, CA)
Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

Great fit, light, flexible and minimal. Like a cross between being barefoot and wearing slippers!

Ben Lefebvre (Oakville, CA)
Thanks so much! This is a game-changer!

I've had body alignment issues since I was a kid (I am 40 now)— regular trips to the chiro and osteopath, which would help for a day or two only. I had constant pain between my shoulder blades, worsening when I stressed out.
I first tried the insoles - I got a bit uncomfortable for about four days as my knee started to swollen. I contacted the Biopods team, asking them if it was normal... and it was! I had a torn meniscus, which got fixed (just random clicks from it, but it was okay) but healed following my lousy alignment. Because of the insoles, my knee got a free rehab (!), and after four days, it got much better, and since then, I can't feel any "clicks" and my knee feels safe (for those who know the feeling when something happened to your limb and you feel you can't rely on it as much as you did before - doesn't feel safe). My family doctor told me it was because I disturbed the misaligned scar tissue that had to reform itself to get the proper alignment—NO MORE BACK PAIN for over a year. I can walk for hours without feeling my legs or feet hurting. No more sprained ankles, either... Since then, I have bought three pairs of shoes, introducing my wife to them and hoping there will be young kids' options soon (Biopods if you read me... :)). This product works, and I highly recommend it.

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