Classic Sneakers

$200.00 USD

Classic Sneakers

$200.00 USD
120-Day 100% money back guarantee.
Ideal for recreational, athletic, and leisure activities.


This option is most suitable for those who have little trouble finding shoes that fit off the shelf and whose both feet are relatively the same size.

To proceed with the Semi-Custom option, select your preferred shoe color(s) and complete the following Five Steps to obtain a Custom Size Code for each pair of shoes ordered.

Step 1: Who are the shoes for?

These shoes are for:

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Victor Gotesman (Los Angeles, US)
As promised

The shoe is as good as the ads say. Great walking shoe.

Robb G. (Vancouver, CA)
Pain relief

I have had pain in my knees and arches for many years after playing football and weight training. I have been wrapping my knees and tried a variety of running shoes to get pain relief but with limited success. I have used other insoles to try and realign my knees but never completely got rid of the pain. Since I ordered the Biopods Urban Flex and have been wearing them for 2 months my pain in my knees and arches have disappeared. I noticed that you can feel the green inserts in the tread when you walk and it feels like you are getting a foot massage with every step you take. Also, I like measuring both feet and getting a custom fit for me not an off the shelf size. Lots of colour combinations and lots of room for your feet which I like. Good job Biopods great product.

Jacquelyn (Thornhill, CA)
Best Experience Yet

I have been using the insoles created by these developers for 20+ years. They were part of my lower body injury rehabilitation and I never wear shoes without the insoles.
As a Kickstarter Backer I was curious how they would be better than the insoles. They are SO MUCH BETTER…
I attended a trade show t recently. For 3 days I was on my feet from 7 am to midnight standing and walking all day long….16,000+ steps.
With the previous version of the insoles in my shoes, I might suffer with knee, hip and back pain from all the standing on the concrete floor and require a massage or chiropractic visit to recover. NOT THIS TIME….I had no lingering effects after wearing these shoes.
What these shoes do for my alignment and comfort is truly remarkable. I recommend everyone add these shoes to their footwear collection.

Khurram Qureshi (Seville, ES)
Red sneekers

I wore the red sneakers by biopods throughout my trip to Spain. We walked at least 20k steps a day and had no pain. Amazing shoes. Thank you.

Dorothea Aunger (Seattle, US)
The shoes do not fit

Even though I like the look of the shoes I have to give only one star because they do not fit, they are too big

We look forward to your review once you receive your replacement pair.

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