Narrow Classic Sneakers - Amethyst

$200.00 USD

Narrow Classic Sneakers - Amethyst

$200.00 USD
120-Day 100% money back guarantee.
 Ideal for recreational, athletic, and leisure activities.
Narrow Width: Fit Women's A to AAA and Men's B to C


Biopods® Shoe Features Easy Care Instructions Shipping & Returns

Biopods Sneakers incorporate Stimsoles® technologies with adjustable Stimsoles insoles in every shoe (US$100 value).

10x more effective than conventional footwear and insole products that support or cushion the feet.

8 upper colours on 2 outsole colours = 16 colour combinations.

Incredibly lightweight: Average weight per pair is just over 1 lb. / 0.50 kg.

Extremely comfortable: Soft, flexible outsoles and 4-way stretch knit uppers ensure a perfect fit.

Eco-friendly materials: On average, each pair of sneakers contains materials made from eight recycled plastic bottles.

To clean your sneakers, simply wipe them with a cloth and warm water.

They are machine washable, using the gentle cycle with cool water and mild detergent (after removing the insoles, which can be hand-washed separately and air dried). Do not use fabric softener.

AIR DRY ONLY: – do not put the shoes or the insoles in a dryer or over a heat source.


  • Standard & Custom Sizing: We inventory a limited number of sneakers in the most popular colors and sizes. If we have your sneakers in inventory, they will be shipped within 3 business days. If your Standard or Custom Sizing sneakers are not already in inventory, they are custom made according to the factory’s production schedule.
  • Returns: Contact us for a RA number to receive a return ship label. Returns must be received within the Guarantee Period to qualify for Refund. For more information, please consult our Return Policies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

I’ve repurchased! And will repurchase!

Daron Builta (Santa Barbara, US)
Wide classic sneakers

Good shoes

Great shoes, that I currently can recommend to everyone.

The jury is still out on the long term effects on the shoes and soles, but short term it's been amazing.

Me and my girlfriend only have a bit of what's supposed is "soft issue scars" or something, that has been diagnosed by biopods due to wearing the shoes and soles, and after getting that removed for good, there should be no problems, and these shoes are the most comfortable I've ever worn.

And the price isn't bad even if they turn out to not work well in the long run, it's still a good deal for my extremly wide feet that shoe stores, just don't make shoes for in my country, unless you pay for custom shoes which in my country is 5x what these shoes cost :)

(and i've been told by professionels that it makes no difference whether or not I get these or 5x as expensive ones, what truly matters is the comfort.

So if these shoes work as claimed then they are saving lives! And hopefully you will give them a chance, the customer service is pretty great :)

Scott and Kim Alboum (Pittsboro, US)

There is no other way to describe Biopods other than life-changing for me, honestly. I have spent many years on very unforgiving courts...starting with tennis courts and now pickleball courts. I am a singles player, I play at a high level, and singles is particularly tough on feet, legs and body. I thought I knew what was best for my feet and legs on the court, and I was wrong. I thought discomfort after court time was normal, and I was also wrong about that. I purposely waited for three months to post a review, as I wanted to give a fair assessment. Not only are Biopods incredibly light and unbelievably flexible and comfortable, my feet and legs have also been trained to function more effectively and more naturally. Biopods are also incredibly stable on the court, have helped me to resolve an injury, and I am certain that Biopods are actively helping me to prevent future injuries. All of this, and I have never seen a sole of any court shoe withstand such abuse and show so little wear. I have literally tried my best to wear them out, and I still see no visible wear (after three months). Bottom line…Biopods are the best shoes I have ever worn, and nothing else is even close. A special thanks to Roy for his many years of research. It takes incredible courage and dedication to make it your life’s work to prove the science behind what is truly the best for our feet and legs (and especially when what is the best for us goes against what we thought). It was all worth it and then some, and I am very grateful!

P.R. (Chicago, US)
Very Comfortable

The shoes are comfortable and easy fitting. They are very easy to throw on anytime I'm leaving the house, whether to run errands, work in the yard, or am just out for a walk. They are obviously designed for long-term comfort, and they perform flawlessly.

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